A guide for integrating blockchain based services with D'CENT wallet

Thanks for visiting D'CENT developer guide. If you are interested in integrating with D'CENT wallet, you have come to the right place. This documents will be helpful for you.

The easiest way to integrate your dapp with D'CENT wallet is to integrate with D'CENT in-app browser. If you want to start your integration, please see the below section.

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If you want to know more about D'CENT wallet and the general information on how to integrate, please read the following sections first.

If you have any questions during the integration, please contact us.

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The brief introduction of D'CENT wallet

3 types of wallet

D'CENT has 3 types of wallets. Two hardware wallets and one software wallet.

Two hardware wallets are:

  • D'CENT biometric hardware wallet

  • D'CENT card type hardware wallet

And software wallet is:

  • D'CENT mobile app wallet (for Android and iOS)

Here is a brief description of each wallet.

D'CENT Biometric hardware wallet

D'CENT biometric hardware wallet is the flagship model which has fingerprint authentication feature. This hardware wallet communicates with the mobile app through Bluetooth. It supports multiple blockchains.

You can find the general information about Biometric wallet here.

D'CENT Card Type hardware wallet

D'CENT card type hardware wallet is the light-weight version of hardware wallet. It adopts NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to communicate with the mobile app. Card type wallet supports just one blockchain. This means "ethereum card wallet" only supports ethereum network, and "klaytn card wallet" only supports klaytn network.

You can find the general information about Card type wallet here.

D'CENT Software wallet (App wallet)

For many users who don't need a hardware wallet, it would be a good option to use the D'CENT app wallet. By installing D'CENT mobile app, users can use all kinds of D'CENT wallet features without a hardware wallet.

One D'CENT mobile app for all types of wallet

D'CENT hardware wallets (Biometric & Card Type) interact with D'CENT mobile app. Users can choose which kind of wallet to use by switching the wallet mode from the menu on the mobile app.

Here is the link to the user guide on how to switch the wallet mode.

D'CENT in-app browser (a.k.a dapp browser)

D'CENT mobile app has in-app browser feature. From the in-app browser, users can use various dapp services in the mobile app directly.

In the in-app browser, D'CENT wallet injects several kinds of providers such as web3 provider, caver provider and tronWeb provider for communication between a dapp service and D'CENT wallet.

You can see the section below for more details about how to integrate dapp with D'CENT in-app browser.

Integration with D'CENT in-app browser

The easiest way to integrate a dapp with D'CENT wallet is to integrate with in-app browser through providers.

The section section describes the basic information about how to integrate dapps with D'CENT in-app browser.

pageGetting Started

If your dapp is based on the EVM compatible network like ethereum, binance smart chain, polygon etc., please see the section below.

pageEVM compatible networks

If your dapp is based on the Klaytn network, please see the section below.

pageKlaytn network

If your dapp is based on the Tron network, please see the section below.

pageTron network

D'CENT wallet provides dynamic link feature to link the dapp on the in-app browser from the external mobile environment like mobile chrome browser. Please see the section below if you want to know how to generate dynamic link for your dapp.

pageDynamic Link to In-app Browser

How to integrate with D'CENT Biometric wallet in PC environment

There is a way to integrate a dapp with D'CENT Biometric hardware wallet directly in the PC (desktop, laptop) environment. The below sections provide the useful information on how to integrate.

The basic SDK package

dcent-web-connector is the basic package of SDK for the integration.


The wrapped package for web3 provider

For easier integration, there is the wrapped package named dcent-provider. This is web3 provider (for EVM compatible networks) which is wrapping dcent-web-connector.


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