Getting Started

How to integrate dapps with D'CENT in-app browser by interacting with D'CENT wallet's injected provider

D'CENT mobile app has a dapp browser(a.k.a in-app browser). You can find the dapp browser in the "discovery" tab on D'CENT mobile app.

This document describes how your dapp interacts with D'CENT wallet's dapp browser.

Download Mobile App

In order to develop on the D'CENT wallet, the first thing you have to do is to install D'CENT mobile app.

Enable Testnet

If you want to develop on the testnet environment, you can enable testnet mode on the mobile app.

  • "Setting" tab -> "Enable testnet"

Debugging Environment

Debugging feature is under development. When this feature is available, you can inspect the console log through WebView Inspector of Chrome (for Android) or Safari (for iOS). If you are facing a trouble during your integration, please contact us via email.

  • contact email address :

Create Account

Before using in-app browser, you have to create an account. Note that some accounts are created by default during the app initialization. For example, if your dapp is based on Ethereum, you have to have an ethereum account.

Here is the guidance on how to create an account.

Injected providers

There are 3 kinds of providers to be injected on the in-app browser.


provider name

EVM compatible networks

(Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, RSK etc.)


Klaytn network



Tron network



EVM compatible networks

If your dapp is based on EVM compatible network, please see the section below.

pageEVM compatible networks

Klaytn network

If your dapp is based on Klaytn network, please see the section below.

pageKlaytn network

Tron network

If your dapp is based on Tron network, please see the section below.

pageTron network

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