NFT list on Collectibles tab

How to add Non-fungible Tokens on D'CENT wallet's Collectibles tab

D'CENT mobile app has the feature to manage NFTs. This feature is implemented on D'CENT mobile app's "Collectibles" tab. By using Collectibles tab, you can see the list of NFTs of your wallet and send NFT to the other address.

D'CENT wallet supports both of ERC721 & ERC1155.

Get List from OpenSea

To get the list of NFTs for your wallet address, D'CENT wallet use API from OpenSea. If your NFTs are listed on OpenSea(, you can also see your NFTs on D'CENT wallet's Collectibles tab.

If your NFTs are not shown on D'CENT wallet's Collectibles tab, you should register your ERC721 or ERC1155 contract address to the OpenSea.

Supported Networks

The following is the D'CENT Collectibles' supported network list.


  • Ethereum Mainnet


  • Ethereum Testnet Rinkeby

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