EIP-681 : Transaction/Payment Request

EIP681 is a URI standard for requesting an Ethereum-based coin/token transaction. D’CENT App supports EIP681 using dynamic links. (Reference: EIP 681 standard document)

The eip681 dynamic link is configured in the following format.



eip681_request is configured in the following standard format.

request = schema_prefix target_address [ "@" chain_id] [ "/" funtion_name ] [ "?" parameters]


It is expressed as ‘ethereum:’ or ‘pay-’ and can be omitted in case of coin transfer. * (Only ethereum (evm) series supported by D’CENT App are supported. (Reference: D’CENT Wallet Supported Coin List - Supported Cryptocurrency List (dcentwallet.com))


The beneficiary address (to address) where the transfer will be made to.


The value of the chain id. (Reference: chainlist site) If the chain id value is not specified, the chain id value will be set to 1 (ethereum).


If target_address is a contract address, function_name can be configured. (Reference: function_name list)


It is composed in the form of “key”=”value”, and the information is different depending on the function_name. If there is no function_name, the amount to be transferred must be entered in the form of ‘value= amount to be sent (wai unit)’.

(* It can exist only when target_address is a contract address.)

Example) When sending 5FAU from Ropsten testnet (chain id:3) the FAU token (contract address: 0xFab46E002BbF0b4509813474841E0716E6730136) to an address 0xA93433E9A645e4C9d9557c2E38939Aa79e18107

function_name list

The function_name currently supported by the D’CENT App is as follows.

We plan to expand the supported function_name list in the future.


Executes transfer(address,uint256), a function for erc20 token transfer ie) transfer?address=0xA93433E9A645e4C9d9557c2E38939Aa79e18107c&uint256=1e-2


Executes transferfrom(address,address,unit256), a function for erc20 token transfer ie) transferfrom?address=0xA93433E9A645e4C9d9557c2E38939Aa79e18107c&address=0x19f64674d8a5b4e652319f5e239efd3bc969a1fe&uint256=1e-2


Executes approve(address,uint256), a function for requesting erc20 permission ie) approve?address=0xA93433E9A645e4C9d9557c2E38939Aa79e18107c&uint256=1e-2


The following is an example of dynamic link according to transaction type. (D’CENT App execution flow that performs each transaction varies depending on the presence or absence of a network account.)

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