"D’CENT WalletConnect is a service that allows developers to communicate directly with the D’CENT Wallet using WalletConnect, a protocol for each end user to communicate securely with DApps."

What is D’CENT WalletConnect

D'CENT WalletConnect works based on the WalletConnect V1 Protocol.

DApp users can connect directly to the D'CENT Wallet using the D'CENT QRcode Modal.

Users can also create contract accounts through the option in the D'CENT QRcode Modal before they complete the wallet connection with DApps.

Supported D'CENT App Version

Getting Started

| Packages

For the packages required to install and import, please see the section below.

| D'CENT WalletConnect

For the structural diagram of how WalletConnect works, please see the section below.

| Test Environment

To set up the test environment, please see the section below.

| WalletConnect monorepo

For the WalletConnect monorepo, please see the section below.

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